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Renata Lang independent contractor (tax-exempt)

Registration number: 35265328

Tax number: 75524195-1-39

Seat: 8591 Pápa Kéttornyulaki utca 32

Bank account number: : 11600006-00000000-65486904


IBAN: HU73 116000060000000065486904

Permission granted by the notary public of the Pápa City Mayor’s Office Mrs Kanozsai Dr. Mária Pék

Registration number: 957/2014

Statistical Number: 75524195-4791-231-19

Point of time of presenting the activity: 08. 01. 2014.

Tel. +36 (30) 348-0635




My name is Renata Lang. I live in Hungary. After I took my A levels I attended a craftsmanship special school in Budapest, my master was Attila Pánczél who is Master of Folk Art and a worldwide known harness-maker. After I took my special exams I received the certificate of Folk Toymaker and Craftsmanship Trainer and harness-maker certificate. During my traineeship I got acquainted with wood-carving, braidmaking, harness-making, saddle-making, bead weaving, basket-making, bone-lace making and pottery.


My husband is also of similar interest, he studied carving as a hobby from István Szabó carver artist whoihas been awarded thetitle Knight of Hungarian Culture, he is a co-operator of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Chief Engraver of the Hungarian National Museum. He participated – amongst others – in the carving work of the reconstruction of the Cologne Cathedral. István is a researcher of the system of motifs in the village Szentgál and also teaches that to the young generation.This system of motifs is based on representing nature, it is an elaborate system of 2000 symbols having their own significance and meaning. In the middle ages the royal court had the important official letters carved by Szentgál carvers. These letters were taken to Europe by couriers. Even if the courier was arrested, the message remained a secret to enemy because only the wise knew the message of the symbols. For example if the pigeon in the carved picture had wings with apiculate end – it meant man, if the wings had rounded ending – it meant woman. If the fruit on the tree had apiculate ending and reached the ground it indicated the death of a son.


We have been keeping horses for about 20 years, I prepare and correct their harness. Proper storage of saddles always meant a problem, and I soon prapared our first saddle-rack. In the event of the first item it was my husband who helped me improve my carving ability. The system of forms is baroque, which unites culture and goes back to an era when horses were of central importance. I have formed the saddle rack for many years, and so it became a mellow item, which is suitable to serve several generations. Our horse-keeping friends sometimes received an item as a present. It was them who encouraged me to try and start selling it.

Every single saddle rack is a unique work of craft with specific hidden identification, which is only known by the owner and me. The sadle rack can be a beautiful and useful present to spouses, friends or acquaintances.