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Welcome to the website operated by our company. The aim of the present guidelines related to cookies is to inform our users about the way of collecting information from them via cookies and other technological solutions used for monitoring users.

A review of the EU rules related to the consent to using cookies

The EU law requires the organizations placing cookies on the users PC-s via websites to inform the users unambiguously and comprehensively and also to request their consent.

We took the following four steps in order to comply with the rules:

  • We identified the cookies      and other technological solutions used for monitoring, the purpose of      using cookies and the related information, like expiry of cookies and also      whether it is first party or third party cookies.
  • Based on the information      collected further to point 1. above we evaluated how much the cookies      interfere with privacy on the basis of requirements of visitors related to      confidentiality of data.
  • We provided clear and      comprehensive information on the cookies of the website – as to how far      they interfere with privacy
  • We made a decision on acquiring      the consent related to the cookies of the website, taking into      consideration the use of cookies and the way they interfere with privacy.      Certain types of cookies may have exemption from the relevant rules based      on legal regulations, in the event of those consent related to cokies is      not necessary.

Strategies applied on the website related to acquiring the consent

The european requirements related to acquiring the consent of users for cookies and other technologoical solutions used for monitoring (e.g. monitoring pixels and website skripts, hereafter: cookies) change constantly, the most impeccable legal solution are the preliminary opt in strategies – however, they have an adverse effect on the user perceprion of the website and may have adverse effect on the legitimate information acquisition via the website.

As an alternative the implicit opt in strategies allow us to assume consent where the visitors do not refuse cookies (with afterwards prohibition – opt out) after they have received specific information about cookies, and we provide them with a control tool that enables them to control cookies on a complex level. This makes possible for visitors to receive the required cookies and to refuse those that they do not want.

Any strategy that is directed at acquiring the consent related to all kinds of cookies, depends on the kind of cookie – interfering with private life, and takes into consideration the following:

  • Who serves the cookie (it      is own or third party)?
  • What kind of data it      collects?
  • What purposes it serves?
  • The period of operation of  the cookie
  • The nature of the webpage through which the cookie was placed

In the event of cookies requiring consent a three level approach is applied to acquire the consent of visitors:

  • in the event of cookies interfering with privacy to minimum extent: we provide detailed information about the cookies guidelines and we make possible to refuse cookies in a simple way, we assume consent of the visitors if they do not refuse cookies
  • in the event of cookies interfering with privacy to a medium extent only: the same strategy is applied as with the cookies interfering with privacy to minimum extent and provide information regarding the use of cookies on the relevant places of the websites (e.g. we give information on cookies next to the advertisements or other webpage functions using cookies)
  • in the event of cookies interefing with privacy to a large extent: the strategy based on preliminary consent is applied (e.g. a banner or pop-up window requesting the visitor’s consent before the use of the cookie)

Tacit agreement related to most cookies: cookies applied on this website interfere with privacy to minimum or medium extent only.

Presentation of cookies by the type (opposed to presentation based on denomination): The website presents the cookies – as regards their interference with privacy – not one-by-one, as the number of cookies used here is large. Instead of that the evaluation groups them into categories (e.g. advertisement cookies, analysing cookies etc.) and tells about their  relationship to privacy taking into consideration the special functions in that category.


NOTICE: In the event you prohibit access to cookies, certain items of the webpage may be shown partly or fully corrupted.


References to other websites

This website may contain links or references to other websites. We kindly advise you that we are not responsible for any cookies or monitoring technological solutions of other websites, and these websites are out of the scope of our cookies guidelines.

How to contact us

In case of problems or comments related to the cookies guidelines, please contact us via CONTACT


Amending the cookies policy


In the event the present policy changes, we present the amended policy on this website.

The date of the latest update of the cookies policy is: 02/01/2014