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Saddle rack (natural colour)

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Saddle rack made of alder, colour: natural, thikness: 40 mm, height 710 mm, width 395 mm.

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70 645 Ft tax incl.

70 645 Ft per 70645

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Information about the product: material:alder



Thickness:40 mm

Height:710 mm

Width:395 mm

Length of peg under the saddle:500 mm

Length of peg holding the bridle:205 mm

Full depth: :~540mm

Surface: Colourless, wear-fighting coat of high durity in 3 layers and decoration

Fastening: on a vertical surface with 2 crossing screws (part of the package), the  head of the bolt covered by carven headed wood plugs
Transportation: in a cardboard box in flat pieces (the easy to use instructions for use are downloadable to the customer)

The content of the package:

 1 saddle rack
2 fastening screws with dooks
1 tube of glue
2 wooden plugs (to cover the screw)

1 Allen wrench (to screw it in)


How is the item produced?
It is made with the smallest possible amount of using machines:
- use of adjustable clamps when making the material a table

- I chamfer the material of 50 mmthickness after gluing on a surfacer to 43 mm

- I cut around the silhouette with a saw

- I use a bagger when I do the indentation

- covering with lacquer coat: compressor, pistol


- when refining the silhouette: puncturing, when fitting it: bow-frame saw, file, emery-cloth

-whan drafting and carving: pencil and eraser, carving knives, chisel, hammer



Fixing the peg part into the back table

the built together saddle and bridle holding part is fixed in the length of 210 mm into the cut etched into the base table which is held on the spot by the glueing, 2 double-end bolts – they are easy to screw in during fixing from the side of the base table adjoining the fixing wall




The saddle rack


- an item that was formed during 20 years, it was developed for the use of several generations
- it is a present for life for your friends, spouse, relatives,
- asa result of manual craft work every single piece is unique, it has a secret identification (it is only the customer who gets information about it int ha package),

- the ownership can be certified in the event of theft or counterfeiting




Everyday use and maintenance


- elaboration of the peg is slightly arched, thin, it adjoins the saddle on a small surface and the surface of the saddle on the spot where it adjoins is not wet by the horse’s body, so you can put it on after it was cleaned and when the leather is pulled up (no need to worry about the thin support, the saddle will not be deformed, it is much stronger than that)


- no need to take off the sweat-band, the peg should be put between the sweat-band and the crest of the saddle

 - maintenance: after many years of use with lacquer coating

- during use please take care, it is not made of iron, please put the saddle on softly