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Cloots cleaning brush

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The brush is complete handwork, the bristles are plant fibres, they are long lasting.

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9 585 Ft tax incl.

9 585 Ft per db

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length: ~137mm

Width at the widest point: 50mm
complete height: 40 mm – out of which 3 mm horn cover, 18 mm of wooden part, 19-20 mm bristles


The item is complete handwork, made of long lasting plant fibres.The horn craftsman covers the item of the brush with horn, so it becomes long lasting (the wooden item will not crack) and becomes easy to clean.



You can remove mud and other dirt from the surface of the cloots. It is needled, so you can use it punctually. It fits your palm easily, comfortable for ladies, too.


Maintenance and cleaning:

After use brush it with another brush, dirt can be removed easily this way. In the event of cleaning with water the use of human shampoo is recommended, and leave it dry with the bristles up. The horn saves the shine for a long time if you wipe it with a dry cloth after use (even if you pull it along your trousers). Be careful not to bruise the surface of horn.